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1. Slanted Venting System


Meiya range hoods are specifically designed for Asian and/or wok cooking. As Australian cook-tops tend to be further out from the wall, most range hood are not able to suck out the fumes from wok cooking.


In 1997, Meiya introduced the " SLANTED " venting system.  As the Australian stoves featuring four or more burners require a different design to cover the entire cook top surface, research indicates that range hood with an 84-degree upward slanting chamber was found to be the solution.  The upward slanting design enlarges the coverage angle so that both the two rear burners and the two front burners are covered. The innovative slanted design also allows for faster airflow providing more power and low noise level.  No wonder the “SLANTED” range hoods are the best selling range hoods for wok cooking!!!

3. Easy to Clean Series


Due to the design of Meiya range hoods, the motors and the turbine fans are separated by the wind chamber so that oil and fumes will not flow through to other parts of the range hood, such as lighting. To clean the turbine fans, Meiya has designed its Easy to Clean series of range hoods which will allow you to access the wind chamber and easily take out the fans without any tools for cleaning. The steel holder, the mesh filters and the turbine fans are all dish-washer safe.

2. Meiya Bowl Filter System


Meiya range hoods have strong suction, provides better coverage to take out the cooking fumes and odor and is easy to clean. Meiya’s revolutionary bowl filter system filters out oil before it reaches the motors, maintaining the suction power and prolonging the life of the range hood. It is also easy to clean with disposable mesh filters and oil collecting cups. Meiya’s bowl filter system comprises three main parts – the steel holder (“the bowl”), the mesh filter and the oil collecting cup.


How does it work?

The steel holder holds the mesh filter and the oil collecting cup at the bottom. As the fumes are sucked in through the mesh filter, the oil is captured by the mesh filter. The slope allows the oil to flow down to the oil collecting cup which can be detached for cleaning.


What are the benefits?

By filtering out the oil before it reaches the fans and the wind chamber, the fans will be cleaner and lighter and so will provide maximum suction. This will also prolong the life of the motors and hence the range hood. It is also cleaner for the environment as the fumes that are pushed out of the house will have less oil particles, reducing the likelihood of neighbor complaints.


As the surface area of the mesh filter is much larger than the area of the suction hole, this will allow the fumes to be sucked in without compromising on performance. The mesh can be washed or replaced once every 3-6 months to maintain the high performance of the range hood.